World's Smartest Board Game

Mundus is a smart board game of the 21st Century that combines traditional board games and smartphones.

Physical Board

It recognizes each magnetic figurine and leads the players through an amazing experience.

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Mobile App

The App is the brain of the game, providing numerous modes of play and more.

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You can write questions, browse our collection and view your and your friends' statistics.

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By combining traditional board game elements and the potential of our smartphones, we bring virtual entertainment back into the physical world.

We present to You... Mundus

Very smart board

Thanks to buttons in each player's corner and smartly recognising the figurines, it allows for a cool way of interaction with the game.

  • Smart figurines
  • 16 colorful fields
  • Wireless charging
  • Smart dice

Our Amazing App,

a place where everyone will find something for themselves.

The application's ability to adapt and upgrade allows for content that will never get outdated or stale.

Game modes, for example, represent how Mundus can be played anywhere and in any occasion. Whether you're in school, at home or at your friend's party, you will always have unique game modes to choose from, each having unique set of rules.

There are also daily and weekly challenges to complete, keeping the game fun and challenging.

In our store you will find various question packs, game modes and other game extensions.

User Dashboard

The place where all the magic happens.

Customize your game!

In the Mundus dashboard, you can write your own questions and create question packs, which you can share with friends.

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Track your progress!

The dashboard can also keep track of your progress in learning, among other statistics.

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Munuds in schools?

Mundus is a great tool in education since educators can hide the often boring process of learning into a flashy board game.

Question Packs

Out of the box, you get a few question packs to get you started, with 30 more official packs and countless community packs available later.

Mundus ID

We are small team of high school and collage students located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Lastovska 23, Zagreb

(+385) 91 989 9038

Get in touch with us...

Your feedback is very important to us.

The amazing Team

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Filip Hercig Business Development

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Luka Dumančić App Development

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Fran Zekan Hardware Development

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Matija Fućek Design

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